Thursday, September 22, 2011

Criss Cross Braids!

Today I will show you how to do crisscross french braids as shown above. Please excuse the cornrows "the doll" refuses to take them out. You can do this style the same way without them.
First Part the hair down the middle.
Next separate half the hair in two again with the part ending at the ear as shown below.
Secure the top section in a temporary bun, then part the other side.
Now put the bottom section in a temporary bun.
Next take the top section and start french braid normally.
When you run out of hair braid normally for a few inches until you reach the other side of the head. As shown below.
Next take a piece of hair next to the ear and start french braiding again.
French braid that section normally and finish the braid normally.

Next take out the buns. Then start french braiding the top section like before. when you run out of hair, do the same thing as before, braid a few pieces and cross it to the other side.
Then take a section of hair by the ear and add it to the braid then french braid and finish normally.
I finished the style with little poofs on the ends but you could tie them normally too. When your all done, you have a cute style that a lot of people will notice, and all you did was french braid.

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