Friday, August 5, 2011


Hi my first post is on curlformers! Curlformers are a great tool to curl hair. No heat is required so it does not damage your hair at all. They are kind of pricey. I bought a pack of 40 in extra long a wide and they were 66.90 not includding shipping. but they are so worth it. *USE ON WET HAIR*
So in the package I bought there are two colors pink and orange. The difference is that they turn opposite ways. So start with the pink one on the left side and the orange on the right. Alternate colors after that be cause they will clump together if two colors are together. The gray stick is the applicator. So take the first curlformer and thread the hook through it as below.
Then put a small piece of hair in the top hook as shown below.

Then pull the hair through. And it should look like this.

Then repeat through the whole hair. It should end up like this below.

For best results leave in all night then remove in the morning. Your hair should look like this below.


My First Blog!!!!

Hi everyone i just started my first hair blog! I am so excited to get started on it. I am 13 years old and all my hairstyles are on my little sister "The Doll" who is 10. I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope you join my site! Thanks so much!
-The Hair Designer