Monday, September 12, 2011

Bahama Braids!

Hey everyone sorry I haven't posted in a while but, I just got back from a cruise. The doll and I both got our hair done in a bunch of cornrows. I got 15 and the doll got 17! They looked amazing. But unfournetly I had to take mine out because I got a major headache from them. The doll still has them in and I will upload pictures to show you how they look. But keep in mind that she will have these in for a while and I will have to hairstyles with them in. If I van I will show you how to make these cornrows but really they are just mini Dutch braids the the crown of the head. Very simple. The ladies doing the hair were so fast. Their fingers moved like crazy when braid they did all of them in like 15 min. Thats like a minute per Dutch braid they were crazy fast! I wish I have a video of them doing it.
So check out the pics below! =]

The doll                                                               ME

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